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Kicking off Little Town Player’s season is Agatha Christie’s murder mystery, The Mousetrap. Directed by Raymond Smith, the show takes place in Berkshire, England at the Monkswell Manor guesthouse. A group of guests cut off by the snow discover, to their horror, that a murderer is among them. As the suspicious characters reveal their sordid pasts, the tensions build to a nerve-wracking twist ending with the reveal of the identity and motive of the killer. This show is the world's longest-running play, with 2022 being its 70th year of continuous performances in London. Little Town Players is thrilled to celebrate this milestone by producing the show this fall at our community theater.

Auditions are Sunday, July 17 and Monday, July 18 at 7:00pm at Little Town Players (931 Ashland Avenue, Bedford).

Performances are September 9, 10, 16, 17 at 7:30pm and September 11, 18 at 2:00pm.


Mollie Ralston: (Mid 20’s- Late 30’s) the wife of Giles Ralston, the young owner of Monkswell Manor

Giles Ralston: (Late 20’s- Late 30’s) Mollie’s husband of one year, Giles is the co-host of Monkswell Manor

Christopher Wren: (20’s-Early 30’s) A flighty, obliviously neurotic young man who is a guest at Monkswell Manor. Wren displays many peculiar tendencies.

Mrs. Boyle: (50’s-70’s) Stern and generally unpleasant, Mrs. Boyle is a guest at Monkswell Manor.

Major Metcalf: (50’s-60’s) A typical retired British military officer,

Metcalf is a guest at Monkswell Manor.

Miss Casewell: (20’s-30’s) A bit masculine in her demeanor, Miss Casewell is another guest at Monkswell Manor and remains mysteriously aloof from the other guests.

Mr. Paravacini: (40’s-60’s) A foreigner and unexpected guest at Monkswell Manor

Detective Sergeant Trotter: (20’s-30’s) Cockney, a late arrival to Monkswell Manor. Detective Trotter is trying to establish a relationship between any of the guests and a murder already committed at another location.

Readings will be taken from the script which the theater will provide. Just come out, be loud, and have fun!